Our story

The Società Gruppo Tessile Logama s.r.l. was established from a decades long tradition in tailor-made clothing production.

Established from the initiative of four young people, building on the experience and professionalism of their father, the company currently has 70 employees, who work with the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.

Within the company there are also timing and method analysts and designers who obtained their degree at the Istituto Secoli of Milan.

The Gruppo Tessile Logama, an organisation with various components of an extended family, is committed to providing tailored fashion ladies garments for a few important Italian fashion brands. But also to expanding the market prospects of their very own brand, MM MARIOMATTEO, a name already established on the national and international markets.

Gruppo Tessile Logama is located in the municipality of Grumo Appula, 19 km away from Bari. A somewhat abnormal industrial scenario for the area that is part of the Murgia district of sofa-making, however, the company is totally committed to the production of high quality clothing.

In the new and larger premises where the company has moved to meet the continued growth of recent years, the productive cycle of women's clothing is carried out providing items for very well-known fashion brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga, Ing. Loro Piana, Givenchy, Prada, Agnona, Valentino and others. Together with these prestigious items of clothing also items of the company's own brand, MM MARIOMATTEO, are produced consisting in a total look for men and women. The men's collections were introduced in several editions of the Pitti Uomo and distributed at a national and international level.

A truly respectable organisation has been created thanks to the passion and the will to continue with traditional tailor-making processes. All this thanks to Donato Maiullari, who has turned this business into an industrial reality.

This was the driving force that led us to establish the first company in 1989, the "Gianni Maiullari", company bearing the same name as Donato's son, where certain men's and women's informal fashion lines were produced for Byblos and Genny, later joined by the company's MM MARIOMATTEO brand.